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  Clipsey 5fd1735c8d Update example game 1 month ago
  Clipsey 5c3d82e1bb Shader madness. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 61a64ead55 Game deallocates memory properly 2 months ago
  Clipsey 3cc1afc516 transitioning music 2 months ago
  Clipsey 6a0cf4b8a4 Add music to test 2 months ago
  Clipsey 1378889153 Forgot to stage other things 2 months ago
  Clipsey 59dd11f0d8 Conversion fully done 2 months ago
  Clipsey 20ecd8bbf6 remade content to use new content system 2 months ago
  Member1221 15e4cf73d4 comply with changes in polyplex 4 months ago
  Member1221 c6ec645e6e fixed a small oversight 4 months ago
  Member1221 ee4a00de5e mario-like physics 4 months ago
  Clipsey 404f955ee0 example game runs 7 months ago
  Clipsey a8b26988cd basic jump sound 9 months ago
  Clipsey 1a2a15ca59 Made game runnable again 9 months ago
  Clipsey 8dbfad1ac0 Using ppc loader and removed dumb idea 11 months ago
  Clipsey 7bc0ef55e2
Merge pull request #2 from thekiller2rs/patch-1 11 months ago
  thekiller2rs 89d39f1e6b
Tidied some code. 11 months ago
  Clipsey 79819c4186 Dumb window idea and enemies 11 months ago
  Clipsey 1ccee7c017 shimmyshimmyshimmyshimmy 1 year ago
  Clipsey f440e989e5
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Clipsey b5d2205272 Added requirement for 0.0.2-alpha.2 build of libpp 1 year ago
  Clipsey 9e5ffc525d Expanded example game 1 year ago
  Clipsey c36020b831 fixed dangling file again 1 year ago
  Clipsey 7094271b50 Removed Dangling README.md~ 1 year ago
  Clipsey 4445810395 Initial code commit 1 year ago
  Clipsey 7811c5b1c3
Initial commit 1 year ago