323 Commits (master)

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  Clipsey 6e48e8879e Merge branch 'master' of git.pplex.org:Polyplex/libpp 1 month ago
  Clipsey e5050de2a9 Avoid crashes when: No soundcard is available, no EFX support is available and fix framebuffer orientation. 1 month ago
  Clipsey ebe16914d9 Merge branch 'master' of Wilczusiek/libpp into master 1 month ago
  Wilczusiek 0da9ca447f Update 'source/polyplex/math/simplemath/matrix4x4.d' 1 month ago
  Clipsey 7d1e3259d5 Remember to unbind framebuffer. 1 month ago
  Clipsey ac18330146 Framebuffer 1 month ago
  Clipsey db03e68fb7 Clean up attribute bloat 1 month ago
  Clipsey d9b18a2375 Rewrite of sprite batcher using new GLOO system 1 month ago
  Clipsey 320b9030ab Shader loading 1 month ago
  Clipsey ad922aceca Added basic OpenGL wrapper, removed bind_attribs. Removed compatobjects. 1 month ago
  Clipsey efda94c229 target a direct libppc version instead of master branch. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 3397cf6879 Add quick explanation for Load for raw files. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 0e0cec9885 Add social links 1 month ago
  Clipsey a594b4eacb Added warnings for effects that might not work on all platforms 1 month ago
  Clipsey 806d59ba27 Make note about VocalMorpherEffect only working on hardware OAL impl. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 432bfacb4b Fix bug where wrong AudioEffect was used as detach origin 1 month ago
  Clipsey 979d8ceaa2 All EFX effects and AL_SOFTX_effect_chain extension support 1 month ago
  Clipsey 48f086fbd3 redid window handling for window bounds 1 month ago
  Clipsey 065c514209 EAX reverb WIP 1 month ago
  Clipsey dbf0ccd0c0 Fixed error that caused game shutdown to hang on non-looped music end 1 month ago
  Clipsey 1002f9391a Filters! 1 month ago
  Clipsey 84ac15f017 Sound effects and filters 1 month ago
  Clipsey fdd7880a8b make attribs access pointer 1 month ago
  Clipsey f47bb25d89 reorder audio device init sequence 1 month ago
  Clipsey 8522991f3d Resizable mixer and reverb effect. 1 month ago
  Clipsey c482c3d019 Fix function call being wrong 1 month ago
  Clipsey 77690e311a Implement EFX extensions to OpenAL 1 month ago
  Clipsey 251de92d05 Load opengl properly 1 month ago
  Clipsey fa226d4e2a Switching to BindBC 1 month ago
  Clipsey 2d4f2db40f Removed getters/setters from Rectangle 1 month ago
  Clipsey df8f8741e1 Fixed various memory leak and reference issues. Forced GC run on close 1 month ago
  Clipsey d1b002789c Actually, remove that message. It's misleading 1 month ago
  Clipsey ef385590b8 clarify that it's the bindings that are intialized first 1 month ago
  Clipsey 706c49eab9 Made LogType.Info be default log type as well. 1 month ago
  Clipsey c65ed6ec7e Music and more game cleanup procedures 1 month ago
  Clipsey ad41340efd Also set iMus buffer size. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 70cece13ee Fixed missing casts 1 month ago
  Clipsey e934985de8 Realtime resizing of buffers. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 5ac44f037b Removed leftover reference 1 month ago
  Clipsey d3123b084f Remove references to msLagTiming 1 month ago
  Clipsey 70936abf6c base XRun calculations on all channels. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 37895276b8 Fix typo 1 month ago
  Clipsey 5d61988ecd Stop track in syncgroup if needed, mark all as handled when done. 1 month ago
  Clipsey ea0bbacbb2 Make XRuns directly handlable 1 month ago
  Clipsey 5877cdc95f Fix indentation 1 month ago
  Clipsey d317332c33 Fixed some attribute pollution 1 month ago
  Clipsey 26df62e530 Fixed sleep deprived mistakes in SyncGroup 1 month ago
  Clipsey 3621f3a7fb Added sync groups 1 month ago
  Clipsey 39968abfdd Optimization reminder 2 months ago
  Clipsey b38c704657 Improved commenting for Music 2 months ago