• Version 0.0.5

    clipsey 1 month ago 12 commits to master since this release

    The audio update

    • Added support for EFX realtime audio effects.
    • Added support for synchronizing music via the SyncGroup class (simple naive synchronization)
    • Added support for EFX filters
    • Added support for EFX effect chains (only openal-soft)
    • Switched mostly to BindBC
    • Fixed threading problem
    • Improved game cleanup procedures
    • Removed -alpha.(increment) from version number as version numbers were very long to type out.

    Among these changes, the following changes are also included from previous (mysteriously un-shipped/removed releases)

    • Streamed Music with arbitrary channels (Music class) #19
    • Fixed a bug where loading more than 1 Audio instance would crash a game.
    • Preliminary support for the PTI (Polyplex Tagged Image) format
      • Right now it doesn't have tags, but it's a lossless way to store images with transparency.
    • Update of PPCC to allow paths in content descriptions
    • Various stability fixes within libppc
    • Removed Vulkan support entirely for the time being.
    • Improved performance by making FPS counting optional.
    • Fixed Scissor Rectangles, note that this still needs more work.
    • Small rendering optimizations to the sprite batcher.
    • Fixed a bug in which a large amount of textures would cause the sprite batcher to mix them up.
    • Implementation of the libppc rewrite
    • New syntax for content loading
    • Loading of shaders (as PSGL format, ppcc will convert to this format automatically)
    • Slightly improved startup times
    • Ability to load 16 bit PNG files
    • Loading of raw files by suffixing ! to the path
    • Rewrite of audio handler, similar to MonoGame now. (there'll be improvements later to add more special features)
    • PPCC will automatically scan file headers to try determining the right backend to use.

    Github has been doing weird things with unpublishing my releases, I am looking in to this issue.

  • Intermidiate release

    clipsey 2 months ago 55 commits to master since this release

    This release addresses the libppc issue that arose earlier this week, also implements the new content system.

    Warning: This is an unstable release, expect breakage.

  • test

    clipsey 8 months ago 151 commits to master since this release

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