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  Clipsey 3946b1f97f Fix arm builds and make code more clean. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 9447a0acff Fix psgl compilation and loading 1 month ago
  Clipsey e4232c5aa0 updated README.md 1 month ago
  Clipsey 58960e82d8 Deprecate old ppc and fix windows builds 1 month ago
  Clipsey 61af9e3fbf Update image 1 month ago
  Clipsey b0ad36c115 Removed unneeded import 1 month ago
  Clipsey cd0f2f30fc Fix PTI loading 1 month ago
  Clipsey 679dd9e184 Fixed PTI returning 0 data on save 1 month ago
  Clipsey dd7d52a563 Fixed potential MemFile crash and fixed PTI to not crash. 1 month ago
  Clipsey 3447e6573c basic PTI image support and image conversion 1 month ago
  Clipsey 3d26178e1f remove __gshared from OggVorbis_File 1 month ago
  Clipsey 52bd9ee6a5 Fixed bug where streams got deleted when accessed cross-thread 1 month ago
  Clipsey 8ae661f80a Sound works (part 2) 1 month ago
  Clipsey 72a7fafa14 Fixed various crashes 2 months ago
  Clipsey 88614832b6 add Audio.readAll 2 months ago
  Clipsey c6d966046b use classes for audio 2 months ago
  Clipsey b7519d5d33 Improve shader description stuff 2 months ago
  Clipsey 1683114142 various file loading fixes 2 months ago
  Clipsey 2846a2e6a1 Fixed type getting set wrong 2 months ago
  Clipsey 9069e0f529 fix file ext checks 2 months ago
  Clipsey 29fc6f6089 file type checking 2 months ago
  Clipsey ca0607456d Fix psgl and ppc compilation 2 months ago
  Clipsey e4c6913a51 Fixed wrong reference to &file 2 months ago
  Clipsey bee3adf565 Fixed missing ppc. in ppc.d 2 months ago
  Clipsey 796035c329 Merge branch 'rewrite' of Polyplex/libppc into master 2 months ago
  Clipsey a56f4db72a add memfile.write, psgl, ppc savePPC improvments 2 months ago
  Clipsey 0da6d41c21 Add TODO reminder for savePPC 2 months ago
  Clipsey 64bb546614 PPC file implementation 2 months ago
  Clipsey 72654795df move a bunch of stuff around, added ppc signature 2 months ago
  Clipsey af06ac70bd image.d implementation, ref TARGA and PNG loading 2 months ago
  Clipsey 9e1fbe8e60 Added PPC (PPCHeadX) signature and optimized ogg.read 2 months ago
  Clipsey ac4a1204f2 Generic audio info and dub license update 2 months ago
  Clipsey a09dcfe863 Upgrade imageformats to version 7.0.0 2 months ago
  Clipsey 7fa29d8bcc Fixed IFImage & IFImage16 compatibility breaking, implemented audio.d 2 months ago
  Clipsey 1ec3088fef File Signature scanning and generic audio file skeleton 2 months ago
  Clipsey 1605b29b59 OGG, PNG and TGA loading, 16 bit PNG support 2 months ago
  Clipsey fe5a1de070 OGG loader implementation, 2 months ago
  Clipsey 2b4da9aa0a Finish off preparing files 2 months ago
  Clipsey 0ca1496f42 Import proper files, RefMemFile and loading of Mem and RefMem files. 2 months ago
  Clipsey 9bc483d71f Setup of rewrite file structure for loaders and generic structs. 2 months ago
  Member1221 3c6b959491 Implement Data() for RawContent 3 months ago
  Member1221 0f717f90e8 Fix naming 3 months ago
  Member1221 0004c06212 Fix naming 3 months ago
  Member1221 a627c26a14 finish streamed audio loading 3 months ago
  Member1221 fb17e92d03 inital work for streamed audio 3 months ago
  Clipsey fb15c6fca5 Update 'CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md' 7 months ago
  Member1221 9db6949914 Fixed stray 1 8 months ago
  Member1221 f3a74b7d18 Implement Load functions 8 months ago
  Clipsey 76053275df Update 'README.md' 8 months ago
  Clipsey 86081decd3 Fixed texture loading 8 months ago