Polyplex Branding Resources.

Logo designed by James "Rakujira". Legacy Logo (in legacy/) designed by LogiPone.


flat contains flat (no shadows) versions of the logos shadowed contains shadowed versions of the logos legacy contains old resources not in use anymore

Conditions of Use

These assets are for use within the Polyplex Project, and shall not be used to do the following:

  • 1 Sell any products or be used as an statement of endorsement in promotional material of unrelated products and/or products that break the terms of the polyplex license(s)
  • 2 Be used as branding material for other game development frameworks
  • 3 Be used in a way that could tarnish the image of the polyplex project.

Alternative terms may be requested in the form of written permission from the creator of the branding materials and the Polyplex maintainers.

If the last condition is broken and your game is made with Polyplex libraries/software, please remove any big branding from your game displaying/featuring the polyplex logo.

Examples of things that are allowed

  • Using the polyplex logo as a splashscreen in your game that was developed with polyplex, in a "technologies used" section or in the credits of the game. (while not breaking condition 3)
  • On the website of your game (developed with polyplex, while not breaking condition 3).
  • Using the polyplex logo in advertisement of a non-controversial game that is made with polyplex, that won't negatively reflect on the polyplex project.

Examples of things that are not allowed

  • Using it on your application that is entirely unrelated to and/or does not make use of polyplex.
  • Using it for promotional material for a game written with an other framework.
  • Making a fork of the project, calling it "Polyplex" and using the same resources.
  • Using it in a game featuring controversial topics, that could negatively reflect on the polyplex project.