A small application meant to be used as a wallpaper setting daemon for linux (and compatible). Written in D.
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A small application meant to be used as a wallpaper setting daemon for linux. Written in D.


Install a distribution of dlang including dub using D 2.

Once you have that, run dub in the repository.

It will try launching the application but it will fail at doing anything until a configuration file has been made.

You can now Ctrl+C out of the program, and copy it over to an path you want to run it from.

Add ~/.config/nicewallpaperd.json if it does not currently exist and add the following:

	"timeout": 20,
	"legacy": false,
	"default_option": "Centered",
	"use_clock_intervals": false,
	"wallpapers": [
			"file": "/foo/bar.png",
			"option": "Zoom",
			"time": "00:00:00"
			"file": "/baz/etc.png",
			"option": "None",
			"time": "02:00:00"

The timeout variable is the time between updates in seconds.

Replace the placeholders in the wallpapers section with the path to each file you want to cycle between, which option you want set (look further down for a list of options) and what clock offset (HH:MM:SS) you want the image to display at, if use_clock_intervals is on.

If the wallpaper option is left out or set to none, default_option will be used instead.

Clock offset?

nicedesktopd allows you to set an offset from midnight you want to wait before an image is allowed to be switched on, if the image is not allowed nicedesktopd will wait until it can. A low timeout value is recommended for this.

use_clock_intervals needs to be set to true for this to work. Else clock offsets will be ignored. To set a clock offset, set the time variable in the wallpaper subsection for the single wallpaper.


If you are running a unity desktop, the desktop might go to a state where it shows the stock background, setting legacy to true tends to fix this.

DBus Documentation


The router is located at dk.eclipsingr.nice.

The object path is /dk/eclipsingr/nice/wallpaper, with interfaces in dk.eclipsingr.nice.wallpaper


  • dk.eclipsingr.nice

    • /dk/eclipsingr/nice/wallpaper

      • dk.eclipsingr.nice.wallpaper

        • current() - Gets current image used as wallpaper
        • list() - Gets list of wallpapers cycled between
        • timeout() - Gets the timeout between wallpaper advances in seconds.
        • next() - Advances to next image.
        • previous() - Goes to previous image.
        • set_update_time(int seconds) - Sets the timeout between state updates within the application.
        • set_wallpaper_option(int option) - Sets the default wallpaper option for display.
        • add_wallpaper(int option, string file, string time_offset) - Adds the wallpaper to the list, if clock intervals are off, just set time_offset to 0.
        • remove_wallpaper(string file) - Removes the wallpaper from the list.
        • clear_wallpapers() - Clears all wallpapers from the list

          Wallpaper Options

          | Id | Option | Output | | -- | ---------- | ------ | | 0 | None | Displays no wallpaper. | | 1 | Wallpaper | Displays wallpaper as infinite tiles in both directions. | | 2 | Centered | Displays wallpaper centered on screen(s). | | 3 | Scaled | Displays wallpaper scaled to fit the smallest screen. | | 4 | Streched | Displays wallpaper stretched to fit the smallest screen. | | 5 | Zoom | Displays wallpaper zoomed in so far that no black bars are present. | | 6 | Spanned | Displays wallpaper spanned across all available screens. |