Submission for Linux Game Jam 2018 (Prototype)
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Submission for Linux Game Jam 2018 (Work in progress)

You are a werewolf, awooo! Survive as many nights as you can in this semi-stealth game about being a werewolf, lusting for blood.


To build wereshift you will need DLang 2. Fetch it from the DLang website if you haven't already.

Clone the repo, and run dub.

dub will automatically fetch depedencies for the project.

If you want to specify a custom build of SDL, create a folder called libs, inside libs make a folder with the id of your architecture (amd64, i386, arm64 and arm are supported ids), inside that put your .so/.dylib/etc.

Please note, if you are using free/openbsd, you will have to name the file libSDL2-free(or open)

On windows it's called SDL2.dll, on linux libSDL2.dll and on macOs libSDL2.dylib


If you get this error:

Failed to load one or more shared libraries:
    libs/amd64/ - cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

try either: installing the libsdl2 dependencies OR: remove the libs folder (if you are running arch linux or the like)

If the game still doesn't work, please create an git issue. I (clipsey) will look in to it asap.


L/R Arrow = Move Down Arrow = Crouch Down Arrow (at bush) = Hide in bush Hold Down Arrow = Transform Spacebar = jump Spacebar + Arrow = Jump/attack

Survive as many nights as you can, archers will damage 10 damage extra every night. So in later nights stealth is a must.



The wolf runs fast, and is very maneuvrable, but its speed during jumping is not optimal for crowd control


Can dash through enemies.


Stealth form, villagers (unless they've seen you transform) will not bother you while human.



  • Clipsey


  • Sean "Shramper" Browning


  • There's no sound :c

For more indepth description of folder structure, check